Facebook instructs employees to keep internal documents for legal reasons

Facebook instructs employees to keep internal documents for legal reasons

Facebook and its former insider, Frances Haugen, have been in the news for several months. Haugen turned against her own company, exposing internal communications and documents, suggesting that Facebook ignored the personal well-being of its users during operations. Haugen’s revelations suggest that while Facebook is aware of the harmful consequences, it continues to benefit from the well-being of its users.

In response to these revelations, research firms thoroughly investigated the company’s internal operations. To make it easier, Facebook sent its employees an email asking them to keep all internal communications and documents from 2016.

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The US media and government are now suspicious of Facebook’s operations and are trying to contain the tech giant’s power.

The company’s algorithms, advertising and user policies, and content application practices are reviewed by the government and the media. The company was also accused of spreading disinformation to the masses through its platform.

Global media companies such as the New York Times and the Wallstreet Journal have access to internal communications and documents released to Congress by Haugen and have published several articles about them.

On an internal note, Facebook claims that the retention of documents is part of the government’s legal challenges.

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