Facebook pays $14.25 million fine for discriminatory Hiring

Facebook pays $14.25 million fine for discriminatory Hiring

Facebook will be responsible for paying a large sum of $14.25 million in civil lawsuits to the US government. The settlement consists of two separate amounts to be paid to the Department of Justice and the Department of Labor for discrimination against US workers and violation of federal employment rules.

The social media company refused to hire American workers for jobs reserved for temporary visa holders. The case against the company involved the use of a permanent employment certification, called the PERM program.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, while the company has managed to meet government standards in its permanent employment certification (PERM) practices, it has yet to reach an agreement with the government to close the process and move forward. . The company hopes to continue to focus on hiring the best builders in the United States and around the world.

Facebook will pay a hefty civil fine under the settlement of $4.75 million, plus up to $9.5 million for eligible victims classified by the government as a discriminatory lease.

Facebook has also accepted its recent agreement to train its staff in anti-discrimination laws and to advertise their jobs widely in its permanent employment certification program, which allows organizations to permanently recruit foreign workers.

The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the company in December 2020, arguing that it favored hiring temporary workers, including those with an H-1B visa. The trend allows the company to temporarily hire foreign workers for certain specialized professions.

The social media company is paying the biggest civil fines the civil rights department has recovered in 35 years.

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