Facebook to invest heavily in the EU, hire 10,000

Facebook to invest heavily in the EU, hire 10,000

Facebook is preparing to invest heavily in the European Union and create 10,000 jobs. It wants to leverage its universities, consumer market, and high-quality talent.

The tech-savvy will bring European talent, including “skilled engineers”, to build a metaverse, an online world where people can work, communicate and even play in virtual space using virtual reality (VR) headsets.

It takes about 10,000 skilled professionals to create this virtual universe, and Facebook is poised to fish out Europe’s talent pool over the next five years.

The tech company has already invested $50 million (£36.3 million) to fund nonprofit groups to responsibly build the metaverse. Facebook has made it clear that it will work to create the priority metaverse. In the next ten years, collaboration is expected to create this VR version of the internet.

Once the metaverse becomes a reality, there is no longer any difference between the digital and the physical world. All people need to do is probably put on VR goggles and feel like they’re talking to a friend in person, even if they’re geographically far away from them.

Recently, Facebook made headlines for all the wrong reasons when it was revealed that the company is trying to hide the fact that its websites can harm young people’s mental health. The company came under heavy criticism when a former employee revealed that the company was deliberately hiding the results of its internal study, which showed Instagram’s harmful effects on teens’ mental states.

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