Finland’s law allows employees to check co-workers' salaries

Finland’s law allows employees to check co-workers’ salaries

Finland plans to introduce a law that will allow employees to freely see how much salary their colleagues earn. If they have any doubts about discrimination, by way of compensation, they can consult the salaries of those who work with them. The Finnish government hopes that this law will contribute to equal pay in the country, especially between men and women.

The bill is expected to pass parliament in 2023. However, many, like unions, believe that such a law, if passed, would lead to more workplace conflict.

According to the Equal Pay Index 2020 published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Finnish women earn 17.2% less than men.

The survey placed Finland in 37th place, well behind Norway in eighth, Denmark in ninth, and Sweden in 12th. This is surprising given that the country has had gender equality at the top of the political agenda for decades.

According to experts and researchers, the reason for inequality is that many employers are biased towards women. They tend to give men more opportunities, especially in male-dominated professions and industries. Another reason is that male employees take little parental leave. More women need to take time off work to fulfill their responsibilities as mothers and caregivers at home. Therefore, women cannot progress through the corporate hierarchy or assume senior leadership roles.

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