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Higginbotham Partners With Whitney Smith Company

Higginbotham, chief financial officer, insurance and HR service provider announced on February 15 that it had been affiliated with an HR advisory service, WhitneySmith Company. Higginbotham is regarded as one of the 20 largest independent brokers in U.S.-based Texas-affiliated organizations, allowing to increase HR service performance by adding insurance to its repertoire.

“We have a long relationship with WhitneySmith Company that helped demonstrate the power of collaboration with like-minded firms early in our journey to developing an all-encompassing solution for managing risk. Our clients were asking for HR services, which spurred the partnership with WhitneySmith Company in 1991. Having them formally join us today will spell success because they’re already part of our team and know how to solve the pain points of our clients.”

– Higginbotham Chairman and CEO

“Our firms have extremely strong positive reputations across the Metroplex, and we have similar cultures and a shared work ethic. There is a compatibility between the Higginbotham and WhitneySmith teams that provides an opportunity to expand our services and client base.”

– WhitneySmith Company founder and President Whit Smith

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