Home Secretary says e-human resource management system will become an effective tool for all ministries

Union Secretary of the Interior A.K. Bhalla said on Friday that the Electronic Personnel Management System (e-HRMS) will become a good and effective tool for all ministries shortly. Launching a progress report on the system, he said that the application of artificial intelligence tools would greatly help in formulating policy and addressing personnel issues. Bhalla said the system should be implemented for full use by other ministries, said a statement from the Human Resources ministry. The e-HRMS was launched on December 25, 2017, by the Union’s Minister of Human Resources, Jitendra Singh. It has 25 applications of five modules, the statement says.

Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) Additional Secretary Rashmi Chowdhary said employees can access information related to digitized human resources services and processes in the Government of India through e-HRMS, which could lead to multiple increases benefits to employees and efficiency. With the advanced version of e-HRMS, employees can not only get all the details related to service booklet, license, CPF, salary, etc. but also request different types of claims/refunds, loans/advances, exit, exit, LTC Progress, tours, etc. on a platform, reads the press release.

This system has several advantages such as a control panel for employees and managers, registration of updated services, electronic management in-office procedures, less movement of files, agility in service delivery, decision support, general storage of employee documents, standardization of master data, reducing manual data entry, easy information sharing among stakeholders, an electronic signature for accountability/authenticity and e-HRMS integration for faster GPF payments, advances, loans and repayments, he said.

In addition to Bhalla, who was also in charge of the secretary, DoPT, senior personnel from the Ministry of Personnel attended Friday’s release ceremony. The Good Reign Day is celebrated on December 25th.

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