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iiPay Recognized for Innovative, Compliant Global Payroll Solutions for Clients

The winner of Reward Strategy’s Global Payroll Award 2022 has been named Integrated International Payroll (iiPay), an industry leader in cloud-based global payroll solutions. iiPay has won this significant award for the second year in a row, underscoring its growing dominance in the international payroll sector.

“Congratulations to iiPay for winning the Global Payroll Award. iiPay has advanced the customer experience by providing valuable insights, driving automation, and changing the employee experience, iiPay distinguished itself through market leadership in fostering true partnerships with clients, reflected in their impressively high customer retention rate.”

– Michal Lodej, Group Editor at Shard Financial Media

Due to its dedication to making worldwide payroll for customers simpler, iiPay received the Global Payroll Award. The need for automation, workflow, worldwide reporting, analytics, and compliance has expanded in the payroll sector. With a single, cutting-edge technology platform to integrate worldwide payroll operations, iiPay prioritizes its customers’ needs, understands its clients’ business difficulties, and offers experience in complicated international payroll.

It is an honour for iiPay to have been chosen for Reward Strategy’s 2022 Global Payroll Award for the second year running. This award highlights iiPay’s unwavering commitment to improving the payroll experience for our clients and making it dependable and outstanding. With the help of an outstanding staff and our tested operational strategy, technical innovation is continuously prioritized. People and culture are important in payroll. According to Curtis Holmes, CEO of iiPay, “Our compound annual growth rate of 52% illustrates our dedication to our clients, enabling them to integrate payroll into their corporate fabric.”

This honour builds upon the recognition of the Global Payroll Award in 2021 and the Global Payroll Supplier of the Year Award given by the Global Payroll Association (GPA) in 2020. The judges for these prestigious payroll organizations’ awards have years of payroll expertise and are experts in their industries. They are able to identify levels of distinction for the finest in leadership, collaboration, and innovation.

About iiPay

In more than 170 countries, iiPay uses its cutting-edge, cloud-based technology to provide customers with outstanding payroll experiences. The iiPay system provides comprehensive data management, analytics, business intelligence, and reporting across all global payroll at any time to payroll HR, and finance professionals. The company’s mission to streamline worldwide payroll is reflected in iiPay’s unwavering commitment to the customer experience.

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