People-Enablement Platform Leapsome Commits to Global Expansion With US

People-Enablement Platform Leapsome Commits to Global Expansion With US Launch

Leapsome, a people platform that increases employee engagement, performance, and learning, today announces its expansion into the US market with the opening of its NYC office.

The need for an on-ground presence speaks to the rapid growth of the global HR technology market, which is estimated to grow from US$ 24.04 billion in 2021 to US$ 35.66 billion in 2038 develop your people.

“The US software market is the largest in the world, and companies here are already focusing more on the potential of the people enablement category than in the European market. We currently generate 20% of our revenue from the US. Now, with our team on the ground in NYC, we hope to significantly increase our market share and continue to scale Leapsome into a global brand. It is our goal to shape the future of the HR tech market. By 2025, we aim to welcome 1.5 million users to our platform; to achieve this, we are expanding our position as a market leader globally,”

– Marc-Alexander Vetter, Head of US Expansion at Leapsome

Leapsome is an all-in-one solution for empowering people – from designing goal-setting and performance initiatives to measuring engagement, learning, and development. Nearly 1,500 forward-thinking companies (including Spotify, Unity, and Sony Music) love Leapsome for its ease of use, flexibility, endless functionality, seamless integration, and human-centric analytics.

Leapsome begins its presence in America with a team of 25 people based in the New York office; the team will grow to 50 members by the end of 2022. Leapsome co-CEO Jenny Podewils is moving from Berlin to NYC to expand the company’s US presence.

Leapsome Co-CEO Jenny Podewils says: It is important to us that Berlin and NYC are strong and important centers with close and connected cultural ties. I’m excited about this new chapter at Leapsome and my founding journey. Our successful co-leadership model gives us a unique opportunity to engage at a leadership level in all markets. With Kajetan in Berlin and myself expanding the US business in New York, we are strengthening our desire to create a global company.

The NYC office allows Leapsome to provide local support to its growing US client base, allowing the company to continue its mission to make work more enjoyable for everyone – anywhere. Leapsome chose New York for its unique talent pool, networking opportunities for its first clients, and a convenient schedule for the Europa League.

About Leapsome

Leapsome is a leading People Enablement platform with approximately 1,500 customers worldwide. The platform integrates feedback functions, OKRs, employee surveys, and learning and benefits management, enabling companies to manage employee engagement, performance, and development. Leapsome was founded in 2016 by Kajetan von Armansperg and Jenny von Podewils. Its clients include Spotify, Unity, and Mercedes-Benz.

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