Prepare for Shift to Fixed-Term Contracts in UAE

Prepare for Shift to Fixed-Term Contracts in UAE

The new United Arab Emirates (UAE) labor law addresses and codifies a wide variety of topics, including transitions to fixed-term contracts.

“The old law was a mosaic quilt. It contained several decrees and decisions in this regard. And now the new law will replace it. … Although some of the existing decrees and decisions remain in force until they conflict with the provisions of the new law,” said Gordon Barr, an attorney for Al Tamimi & Co. in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The legs will add. “

“However, there is no specific punishment for those who commit an act of discrimination as an employer, so it remains to be seen how the courts deal with these kinds of complaints. We have not yet seen the implementing rules,” said Sarah Lawrence. She said. an attorney at Squire Patton Boggs. in Dubai. “In general, there are penalties under the labor laws for violations. In theory, therefore, violations can lead to compensation from 5,000 dirhams [about US$1,361] to one million dirhams [about US$272,257]. It will be interesting to read see how the UAE courts interpret acts of discrimination and how they determine compensation to be awarded, but this is certainly something employers should have on their radar in the future.”

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