Receiving Employment Off to a Good Start in Canada

Many elements contribute to a good start to working relations in Canada. Here are some important things Canadian employers should keep in mind as employment increases.

Make the offer letter-perfect

The most important step in establishing a business relationship is the offer letter. The offer letter allows the employer to limit their liability or provide assurance as to what their liability would be if the company terminated the employment contract.

This is especially important in Canada, as there are generous redundancy obligations between employers, unlike in the United States, where most workers are hired arbitrarily. A poorly drafted letter of recommendation can negate the terms of termination, which means that common law dictates how much knowledge employees must acquire before being fired. This can lead to disputes.

Challenges if telecommuting continues

Companies will have to continue to think about how to effectively integrate a virtual workplace.

As Canadian employment laws may vary slightly from province to province, Keith predicts that there will be case law in the future to determine which version of this legislation should be followed by telecommuting contracts.

“It could be the county you live in if you work from home,” said Keith (a lawyer for Harper Gray in Vancouver, British Columbia).

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