Smallcase offers telecommuting, flexible hours, and a WFH allowance for staff

Smallcase offers telecommuting, flexible hours, and a WFH allowance for staff

Small workers, the capital-market fintech start-up, are now gaining more flexibility and a better work-life balance. Bearing in mind the interests of its employees, the company, which is opening its offices to fully vaccinated employees, announced the option of working from home 90% for employees, with immediate effects. That is, they only show up at the office for 15 business days (not necessarily consecutive) every six months or a total of 30 business days a year. Employees also receive an exemption allowance of R25,000.

Vasanth Kamath, CEO and founder of smallcase, believes that “the kind of corporate culture cultivated in the office plays a key role in the company’s success.” Several elements are needed to “create an intangible ecosystem in which people can work to the best of their ability and creative capacity,” says Kamath.

The box realized that fundamentals such as “value, ethics, expectations, goals, workflow, task management, collaboration, feedback and time management” must come together “to create a positive and productive environment” in which employees can do their best. promotes the “employees first” motto.

In August, smallcase – which focuses on creating investment products and platforms for the participation of individual investors in the capital markets – announced a $40 million Series C loan led by Faering Capital with input from new investors, to Amazon. & Premji Invest and existing investors including Sequoia Capital, Blume Ventures, Beenext, DSP Group, Arkam Ventures, WEH Ventures, and HDFC Bank.

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