Smart WFM Expands to India & USA, Creates New Global Leadership Team

Smart WFM Expands to India & USA, Creates New Global Leadership Team

Smart WFM, Human Capital Management Consulting (HCM), is preparing to expand globally and open offices in India and the United States. Smart WFM has already promoted the construction of a global leadership team Rob Scott, a global leader in human capital management and behavioral technologist, to COO.

UKG’s service partner is now looking for someone to replace Scott as the global leader of HCM. Meanwhile, Scott will now focus on further developing the digital aspect to ensure scalability and provide modern services with a digital focus to ensure his business models remain productive and economically viable. Over the next three years, the company’s COO and CEO will work together to build a strong global leadership team.

The Australia-based company has shown steady growth year after year. The customer base has expanded over the past three years and the workforce has tripled.

Jarrod McGrath, CEO of Smart WFM, founded the company about five years ago. He believes the company’s ability to self-finance, maintain unique ownership, and approach people responsible for growth prioritizes HCM’s advice.

Expansion plans in India and the United States will also enable Smart WFM to provide consistent services to small businesses and multinational corporations while enabling service and support to customers around the world. The company will also bring specific knowledge of these markets to support other markets. “In the United States, for example, productivity is very high, especially in retail,” adds McGrath. “We can leverage the insights that drive this productivity in other markets, like Australia, where productivity is declining.”

The company has increased sales at a CAGR of more than 67 percent and has tripled its workforce and customer base in the past three years. Smart WFM works with a variety of public, global, and ASX 100 companies, including leading healthcare and retail organizations.

The company is preparing to launch a skills development academy for its staff, customers, and partners with a focus on “maximizing the value of people” as detailed in McGrath’s recently published book: The Digital Workforce 2nd Edition. The academy focuses on ways people, technology, and the environment can be used to make HCM projects more beneficial within organizations by driving economic growth through people.

As McGrath points out, “businesses” must understand people’s passions and place them at the center of business ethics to “attract, retain and build long-term relationships with the modern workforce.”

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