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Talentcare and Warehowz Announce Partnership to Solve Hiring Challenges for Warehouse and Logistics Clients

Talentcare, LLC, which operates a recruitment and retention simplification solution platform, and Warehouse, the company’s technology development company “on-demand” in the warehousing industry, today announced a partnership to solve customers’ recruitment challenges in the warehousing and logistics industry. Starting today, Talentcare will join the Warehowz market as its favorite provider of download and rental solutions.

According to a recent US labor market awareness project, it will take an average of 62 days to complete a warehouse from March 2022, and only 58% of these vacancies have been filled.

“Collaborating with Warehowz, we’re putting the “ship” in partnership, and delighted to be named a marketplace partner and introduce their clients to innovative solutions that will help them hire their frontline workforces, The struggle is real, and now is the time to get real and compete harder to win hires in the post-COVID labor market,”

– Eric Smith, CEO of Talentcare.

“We work with warehouses and 3PLs every day who are limited in their ability to accept new business, the main factor is lack of available or appropriate personnel. They want to accept new business from us, and they want to be able to provide excellent servicing to our mutual clients. With Talentcare, we can offer them a solution to finding and recruiting the right talent in the right locations. This differentiates us and them in this tight marketplace.”

– Darrell Jervey, CEO of Warehowz.

Talentcare’s solutions platform simplifies recruitment by enabling customers to attract more skilled, job-oriented marketing and marketing staff, becoming an agent with active branding and reputable management solutions, and hiring highly loyal and high-quality employees with authorized and curated partner ecosystem talent solutions and integration.

Employees want to create competitive opportunities to recruit and hire guests to learn more and request a personal introduction.

About Talentcare
Marketing companies and entrepreneurs rely on Talentcare to ensure that their growth and profits are never overwhelmed by talent. Thousands of companies use Talentcare’s responsive platform to make it easier to hire and retain their first employees. As a result, customers attract more of their potential employees, become a selection agents, and hire more reliable, more efficient employees.
About Warehouse
The warehouse is a technology company in the “on-demand” storage industry, which means we combine businesses that need storage space and services with smart businesses. We give your business access to space when you need it, and give you the ability to effectively control that space in a flexible logistics network. With our market-based marketing, we facilitate your care and enforcement agreements and allow you to choose your partners correctly.

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