Tesla may need to produce workforce race and gender data.

Tesla may need to produce workforce race and gender data.

Days after Tesla paid $137 million in damages to a former employee who accused the automaker of racial profiling, the pressure to reveal the demographics of its workforce appears to be increasing.

As investors become more committed and expect racial diversity from companies, Tesla may need to become more transparent and publish its diversity report.

More and more investors believe that it makes sense to invest in companies with a diverse workforce, as diversity improves performance, productivity, and long-term success. Therefore, the demand for transparency regarding the details of job diversity has more to do with the ability to make sound investment decisions.

Meanwhile, Tesla says it is already preparing a diversity report outlining its diversity goals and initiatives.

Due to increasing shareholder pressure, Tesla may now need to provide more accurate details about the gender and race of its employees, which will help decide whether it offers equal employment opportunities. This report, which is normally filed with the Equity at Work Commission, cannot be made public unless the company in question decides to do so.

Tesla’s earlier revelations show that the vast majority of its leaders are men, more than half of whom are white. Only 4% of leaders are black. The report shows that 79% of the team is made up of men. 75% of recruits are men and the majority of promotions (77%) are men only. Only 10% of the workforce is black.

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