TextUs Launches Workday Integration

TextUs Launches Workday Integration

TextUs is proud to announce its full integration with Workday, bringing the industry-leading SMS messaging platform to market leader HRIS. This allows talent search teams to seamlessly integrate text messaging into their daily Workday processes and increase candidate engagement by up to ten times more than email or voice. Together, TextUs and Workday will enable the acquisition of talent and HR teams to streamline your workflow, adding text messages as a communication channel for Workday users, improving candidate engagement, optimizing response times, cost, time, and improving the candidate’s experience during recruitment bicycle. The integration allows users to send text messages directly from the easy-to-use Chrome extension, and correspondence is automatically timed in a custom Workday object field.

TextUs + Workday integration saves time by reducing manual contact creation and insertion of Workday contact records into TextUs. In addition, Workday users now have a complete record of text communications directly to contact records in the HRIS system.

About TextUs

TextUs is the leading SMS platform that enables organizations to have engaging, real-time conversations with customers, candidates, prospects, and employees. It integrates with multiple Candidate Tracking (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, making SMS messaging a seamless and seamless extension of today’s business systems. The company serves many different industries such as sales, personnel and recruiting, SaaS, higher education, corporate personnel, healthcare, real estate management, financial services, non-profit organizations, and more. With a read rate of 98% and a response rate of up to 45%, It offers corporate SMS messaging combined with automated campaign features to connect businesses with their customers in real-time.

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