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Timerack and COATS Staffing Software Partner to Drive Greater Efficiencies and Improve Operations for Staffing and Recruitment Agencies

Timerack and COATS Staffing Software today announced a long-term partnership designed to provide robust solutions that improve recruitment agencies. The two companies are software solutions providers that address the biggest challenges in the recruiting industry, including time and attendance, payroll, employee tracking, and recruiting. With this new partnership, recruiters can eliminate manual control of office assignments and work processes, using automation and smart software to reduce costs and human error to focus more on growth opportunities.

Together, Timerack and COATS Staffing Software offer recruitment agencies the following:

  • Improved attribution tracking
  • Greater efficiency and better integration with Timerack IntellipunchTM Smart Punch
  • Full integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Crystal reports
  • Online application, resume review, and online job openings

“We are excited that COATS Staffing Software, combined with Timerack’s intelligent automation solutions, will help recruiting companies be more effective so they can focus on new business development and employee retention,” he said Adam Day, President and CEO of Timerack.

In addition to recruiting, COATS Staffing Software also includes a fully integrated CRM, payroll, and accounting solution with multi-state, multi-site, and system-wide functionality. COATS recruitment software is designed for a wide range of industries: industrial, administrative, technical, professional, medical, financial, legal, hotel, and more. Combining Timerack’s employee time and work management, HR suite, and payroll integration, the partnership facilitates recruiting, recruiting, and tracking time and attendance with an integrated and automated approach. Together, the partnership brings greater rigor and allows the team to focus more on high-value business objectives.

“We are proud of our partnership with Timerack … our goal is to help recruitment agencies to eliminate manual front office tasks to be more efficient and focus on simplifying the entire hiring process,” said Karen Connor, Vice President president of business development at COATS. Staff Software.

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COATS Staffing Software has been providing recruitment and recruitment software for the industrial, office, technical, professional, medical, financial, legal, hotel, and other specialized sectors since 1995. COATS Staffing Software works seamlessly with your staff to ensure efficiency. COATS is linked to MS Outlook, Word, Excel, and Crystal Reports. COATS Staffing software also includes fully integrated CRM, payroll, and total accounting, providing multi-state, multi-location, and system-wide capabilities. Available options include online candidate application, resume review, and online job posting, making us one of the best recruiting and recruiting software in the industry. COATS offers several additional services to our customers, including installation, training, upgrades, and advanced technical support, all designed to make COATS and, even more, user-friendly and customer-oriented software solution.

About Timerack, Inc.

Timerack relieves stress by automating time and attendance tracking and comprehensive reporting with software, clocks, a mobile geofencing app, and an HR module. By ensuring employees are properly paid and can easily take their time, Timerack helps employers maximize employee return (ROI). Timerack is an ideal, cost-effective, cloud-based service and support solution for companies managing hundreds of employees per location. Timerack’s automated alerts and features reduce theft, reduce the risk of fines and non-compliance, and are specifically designed to help you reduce overtime by 20% or more so you can better manage your business.

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