Tulip experiences a 4-day working week with its staff

Tulip experiences a 4-day working week with its staff

Tulip, the cloud-based mobile retail solutions company, is ready to give your employees more flexibility. The company believes that as long as its business needs are met and supported, employees are free to work whenever they want.

Today, employees can work four to four and a half days a week to test how productivity and satisfaction improve.

The aim is to enable employees to find a balance between work and private life. Bearing in mind the need to reconcile work and private life, Tulip’s “work” benefit allows employees to reduce their working hours so that they can enjoy their holidays more.

Tulip, with offices in Canada and Italy, also received feedback from its employees upon returning to the office. The survey found that approximately 80% of the workforce wanted to continue the work-at-home regime. However, nearly the same number also expressed a desire to meet and interact with colleagues at least once a quarter. The company is therefore convinced that only a hybrid approach will work.

For this, Tulip is working on the concept of the ‘central city’, which wants to open offices in areas where a significant number of employees live. The company is also willing to help employees who want to move to international locations and, of course, will not force them to go to the office wherever you work. It has already invested heavily to enable remote work and ensure success in creating virtual teams

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