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U.K. Essential Services Provider Selects UKG to Support Rapid Growth, Empower Its 10,000-Employee Workforce

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and HR services to the general public, announced today that M Group Services, one of the largest construction companies in the UK and Ireland, has selected UKG Dimensions to support its rapid growth and delivery of clear and encouraging information for employees.

M Group Services employs more than 10,000 professionals and provides services in the fields of water, energy, transport, and mobile communications. With 240 locations, nineteen operating companies, and continued growth and purchasing power, the organization sought a flexible staffing solution to support its most complex and remote employees and improve productivity and efficiency.

“We have a mix of salaried and hourly employees, including meter readers, utility workers, field systems technicians, and engineers — many of who work offsite each day. There’s also a lot of complexity in our business and how we pay people based on the type of work they do, for years, we’ve relied on spreadsheets to capture the hours our employees work, which has proved to be cumbersome and inaccurate operation. Dimensions will automate those processes to ensure we’re getting the data right and paying our people correctly. Dimensions will empower our people to be in control of their time by allowing them to record their hours directly in the system, In turn, that will give us much-needed, real-time visibility into labor hours so we can charge clients correctly and ensure every employee’s paycheck is accurate.”

                            – Colin Jellicoe, group human resources director at M Group Services.

A critical factor in Dimension’s choice of company is its ability to integrate with the company’s payroll solution, which M Group Services estimates will save more than $ 1 million in administrative costs.

Jellicoe added that Dimensions’ mobile app brings clear and practical information to all users, which is very important for the organization.

M Group Services believes that increasing employee performance will increase security.

About UKG

At UKG, our goal is people. As strong believers in ethics and the key to success, we strive for great jobs and build lifelong relationships with our customers to show what is possible when companies invest in their people. Born from a historical background that has created over the years one of the world’s leading HCM companies, our service technology approach to providing personnel, payroll, and public services helps more than 70,000 organizations around the world and individual industries meet and meet their needs. Employees outside work alone.

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