VirgilHR Launches Web-Based Platform, Brings Real-Time, Self-Service Legal Guidance to HR

VirgilHR Launches Web-Based Platform, Brings Real-Time, Self-Service Legal Guidance to HR Teams

VirgilHR announces the launch of its new online platform that puts real-time automated work and work policy guidance at HR teams’ fingertips. The disruptive SaaS platform enables individual HR professionals and teams to make smart and informed career and HR policy decisions without having to delve into administrative requirements.

As an HR executive with experience at public companies and growth-stage technology startups, VirgilHR CEO and Founder Jocelyn King has had the opportunity to support executives and departments in all areas of the business.

“When we started building VirgilHR, we wanted to do two things – reduce the complexity and mitigate the risk of legal action from a human error against companies and get HR professionals back to why they got into HR and building, growing, and nurturing great people and great cultures, With this evolution in our product, we’ve made it possible for every HR professional to have a real-time legal guide by their side.”

VirgilHR maintains a labor and employment law claims database that helps HR professionals manage the execution of employment decisions, including leave requests, severance benefits, and terminations. HR team members can access real-time written guidance on federal, state, and local labor and employment laws through an online self-service application.

As part of the product launch, HR professionals will receive a 30-day trial of VirgilHR with access to all service modules and all features, including:

  • The VirgilHR chatbot is built on smart, automation technology, which provides legal guidance on labor and employment law queries at the moment, no research is required
  • Educational content, developed by experienced labor and employment attorneys
  • Policy templates, which cover the newest labor and employment laws released across the country, to supplement employee handbooks

This platform helps HR professionals navigate the complexities of labor and employment law, bridge the gap, and empower HR teams to make hiring decisions with ease and confidence.

The company’s main customers were mid-market organizations and small HR teams looking to succeed; King sees business growth in design, construction, technology, government contracting, and medical services.

About VirgilHR

VirgilHR is a revolutionary new HR compliance software that allows HR professionals to spend more time achieving strategic goals and less time researching and tracking thousands of jobs in ever-changing HR policies. Our mission is to help HR professionals navigate the complex landscape of workforce development, bridge the gap, and empower HR teams to make career decisions with ease and confidence.

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