Vodafone NZ gets employees to support SMEs in the country

Vodafone NZ gets employees to support SMEs in the country

In New Zealand, Vodafone offers its employees $100 to choose from at their local store or small business. With COVID-19’s limitations and the pandemic facing major challenges for retailers and small businesses in Aotearoa, New Zealand, this initiative is a small step to help local businesses get back on track.

This initiative, which is part of Vodafone’s Pay it Forward campaign, will help the company help the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) recover. Local companies such as New Zealand Media & Entertainment (NZME), Stuff (a New Zealand media company), and Radical, a business consultancy, is also participating in the campaign.

This is Vodafone New Zealand’s way of reviving small businesses, including shops, hairdressers, gyms, and food companies, that were negatively affected by the blockages imposed during the pandemic.

“We encourage our teams, for example, to buy an additional $100 worth of products for potential customers so that their favorite coffee shop can offer a free coffee donut, the local florist can zoom in on some bouquets, the personal trainer can.” session to get a new customer, or to thank the stylists who will likely take longer to cut the post-lock locks! Said Joe Goddard, Director of Experience and Sales at Vodafone NZ.

The company is also asking employees to spread the word on social media by sharing their Pay It Forward campaign experiences on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Workplace, and other similar platforms.

“We are also challenging other companies to support the Pay It Forward movement and Kiwi SMEs,” added Goddard.

Vodafone employees are invited to submit their campaign application by October 22nd and must spend $100 by Friday, December 17th.

As employees in India do not work remotely, local salespeople who were in and around the workplace encountered problems. Many had to close their businesses. Indian Inc. can be inspired by this initiative to support SMEs in India.

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