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Why You Should Inspire Employees to Get a Vaccine

Most everyone is tired of the Covid-19 vaccine debate, but it’s time to start promoting another flu vaccine.

The flu itself is a terrible disease, but the flu shot has another benefit: it can reduce the effects of Covid.

Although the Employment Equity Commission and federal courts have clearly stated that employers can apply for Covid vaccination, many workers are reluctant. Part of this hesitation stems from the fact that the Covid vaccine was not formally approved by the FDA, but was approved with emergency approval. The flu vaccine, on the other hand, has been formally approved for years and years. While it doesn’t stop anyone from hiring Covid, if the person is successful, it can reduce its severity. If your goal is to have healthy employees, this could be a good step.

Manage your messages

The last thing you want is for your employees to be even more alert to vaccinate. So don’t approach negatively. That is, don’t tell your employees that they are stupid because they haven’t had the Covid-19 vaccine and therefore need to be vaccinated against the flu. This message does not help.

  • Focus on the positive effects of the flu vaccine. Try out these points.
  • The flu vaccine has been in use since the 1940s!
  • The flu vaccine can protect you against the flu, a terrible and sometimes fatal illness.
  • The flu vaccine can reduce the severity of a Covid-19 infection.
  • Your company wants everyone to be healthy!
  • The flu shot helps you and others stay healthy.
  • Everyone should talk to their doctor about getting a flu shot.

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