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Wisq Brings Power of Social Connection Platform to Companies of All Sizes

Two new plans have been launched by Wisq, the first platform created to meet the social connection requirements of employees, to assist businesses in fostering a sense of community and belonging within their workplaces. With the new Free and Plus plans, Wisq makes it possible for more businesses to support their in-person and remote employees in connecting, finding, and sharing interests and developing a stronger sense of belonging.

Building interpersonal relationships is a challenge for businesses and teams of all sizes as a hybrid, remote, and distributed work structures become more prevalent. Wisq is building a community where staff members can interact, find shared interests, form employee-led organizations like employee resource groups (ERGs), and share their experiences.

Wisq is available to everyone thanks to the tiered pricing structure with two new plans in addition to the current Wisq Enterprise plan for teams of more than 500 users:

  • Wisq Free: This free service, which was created for core groups just getting started, supports one administrator and up to 50 team members with unlimited groups, posts, and messages. Small businesses or divisions of larger employers that want to test out Wisq before a wider deployment should choose this option.
  • Wisq Plus: This option supports up to five administrators and teams of up to 500 users and provides more robust administrative tools and reporting at a cost of $5 per person each month for expanding teams in need of more functionality.

This option supports up to five administrators and teams of up to 500 users and provides more robust administrative tools and reporting at a cost of $5 per person each month for expanding teams in need of more functionality.

“With this announcement, Wisq is responding to a clear market need for personal connection at work, Any team, big or small, can greatly benefit from the kind of connection that Wisq makes possible. Our customers’ experiences have shown us that offering employees a distinct space for connection can deepen ties, enrich relationships, and support a sense of belonging, community, and happiness.”

– Wisq co-founder and CEO Jim Barnett

The Importance of Belonging and Connection in the Workplace
An employee’s sense of belonging to an organization is just as important as pay and benefits when it comes to keeping and recruiting employees in a competitive job market. According to MIT Sloan, happier workers are not only less likely to leave a company, but they are also healthier, have lower absenteeism rates, are highly motivated to succeed, and have better relationships with their peers. According to Harvard Business Review, companies have seen a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% decrease in the risk of turnover, and a 75% decrease in sick days by enhancing the sense of belonging at work.

Businesses that value social interaction and encourage a sense of community develop resistance to employee disengagement. Low levels of connection and belonging within an organization are reflected by trends like quiet quitting or choosing not to go above and beyond in a role.

Belonging is significantly influenced by the relationships people form with their coworkers on a daily basis, which is why Wisq designed its platform to encourage employee-driven communication. Wisq is strengthening interpersonal relationships and personal development by creating a designated area for belonging and connection in the workplace. These factors support people’s growth and well-being and contribute to the creation of a thriving, healthy organization.

Hear what companies using Wisq have to say:

  • Despite the positive culture at Torch, several of our staff members have expressed difficulty interacting with people outside of their immediate team. According to Amy Lavoie, vice president of People Success at Torch, “Wisq helps us bring the incredible and distinctive stories of all our workers together to establish a stronger basis for our culture as well as our individual and collective success.”
  • Wisq helps FICO, a 3,500-person, globally spread organization, and improve relationships. Our group was trying to figure out how to simulate informal, enjoyable social interactions at the water cooler in person. We are filling this need and connecting with coworkers across teams, departments, and time zones like never before thanks to Wisq. Executive vice president and FICO’s main human resources officer Richard Deal
  • Our team may get to know one another by using Wisq without the strain or stress of completing a task or attempting to solve a problem. The simplest moments of connection can have a huge impact on our relationships and help our team get to know one another better. Alex Jones, Roberts Wesleyan University’s vice president for institutional advancement
About Wisq

Wisq is a place for working life. The Wisq platform enables employees to interact, exchange, and develop relationships at work, which enhances their social well-being. Organizations promote belonging and retention, boost employee engagement, and create positive work environments. Smart profiles, intuitive sharing, community building, and audio lounges for casual gatherings are all made possible by Wisq. Three former Glint executives, Jim Barnett, chief executive officer; Goutham Kurra, chief product officer; and Chih-Po Wen, chief technology officer, created the Redwood City, California-based business. Wisq is supported by True Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, and Shasta Ventures and has received more than $40 million.

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