WorkTango Unveils Holistic Employee Experience Platform Accompanied by New Brand Identity

WorkTango Unveils Holistic Employee Experience Platform Accompanied by New Brand Identity

WorkTango, an Austin, Texas-based provider of SaaS-based employee experience technology, announced the opening of its comprehensive WorkTango Employee Experience Platform and the introduction of a new brand identity. The software provider, which was formerly known as Kazoo + WorkTango after an acquisition finished in April 2022, offers the only comprehensive employee experience platform designed for modern workplaces that enables insightful rewards and recognition and delivers actionable insights through employee surveys and supports alignment through goal setting and feedback within a single solution.

For the first time in more than a decade, the percentage of energized workers in the U.S. declined significantly last year, according to Gallup. In actuality, 34% of workers reported being engaged.

“Quiet quitting’ and employee disengagement have become urgent C-suite and board-level imperatives, These are not truly new phenomena, however, and nearly a decade ago, we built the first iteration of our employee experience platform to address these same challenges head-on. The holistic, enhanced WorkTango platform we announced today is a proven solution for improving employee engagement, motivation, and alignment – and has a direct impact on our customers’ bottom lines as a result.”

– Patrick Manzo, CEO of WorkTango

Over a thousand enterprise, midmarket, and small and medium-sized businesses currently use WorkTango’s platform, which yields a variety of quantifiable results from the software investment.

Even during the pandemic, WorkTango’s unified employee experience platform preserved our company’s culture. We rely on WorkTango to comprehend trends and the engagement of our global employee base because we can continuously gauge both the pulse of our employees and see our data in real-time. According to Judy Hendriks, Chief People Officer of Harris, a provider of mission-critical, international software solutions, WorkTango’s ROI has affected the company’s culture and operations.

WorkTango’s holistic Employee Experience Platform offers organizations:

  • Recognition & Rewards: The ability to amplify and incentivize key values and behaviors across the business.
  • Employee Surveys & Insights: Functionality to measure employee and team engagement across the entire employee lifecycle and collect authentic feedback to support action.
  • Goals & Feedback: Integrated technology to champion employee success with continuous alignment conversations, individual goal-setting, and company OKR tracking.

WorkTango has created an elegant and affordable platform with everything required to help organizations regularly gather and act on company-wide, team, and individual insights; measure employee engagement; and more. When it comes to human resources technology, organizations are frequently faced with the choice of buying multiple best-of-breed solutions to meet their needs or buying an expensive platform that offers hundreds of features but still falls short in one or two critical areas.

The platform used by WorkTango has won several honors, including the Talent Culture 2022 HR Technology Leader award. In the G2 Summer Grid Report for 2022, WorkTango was recognized as a Leader in seven categories, including Employee Engagement and Employee Recognition. Beyond this recognition from the industry, WorkTango’s platform is promoting higher customer satisfaction and employee retention. Meredith, a WorkTango user, and client of an agency attribute a 50% decrease in staff turnover within a 12-month period to the platform. The adoption of WorkTango, according to Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union, led to a 68% improvement in member service ratings.

About WorkTango

The most progressive businesses in the world are revolutionizing employee engagement and motivation with WorkTango. WorkTango is the only provider of an Employee Experience Platform that supports alignment through goal-setting and feedback, enables meaningful recognition and rewards, and provides actionable insights from employee surveys. WorkTango is designed for the kind of workplace where goals are made clear, successes are acknowledged, and workers have a voice.

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