Validus Senior Living Partners With Arena Analytics to Improve Employee Retention through Cutting-Edge AI and Data Science

Validus Senior Living Partners With Arena Analytics to Improve Employee Retention through Cutting-Edge AI and Data Science

Arena Analytics, the market leader in applying artificial intelligence to workforce challenges, and Validus Senior Living, owner, and operator of senior living communities in the Southeast, today announced that Validus will take on Arena Analytics ’innovative AI-powered forecast analysis platform to lead the project and making decisions for key positions covering all major residential areas.

Validus Senior Living, which operates 16 senior living communities in four states, will use Arena Analytics ’advanced forecasting analysis and advanced machine learning techniques to identify high-quality candidates likely to be retained in their facilities, reduce costs and align with employee costs. . Arena Analytics solutions have proven to drive industry efficiency, leading to a more stable, productive and profitable workforce.

Validus will adopt Arena Analytics ’innovative AI analytics forecasting platform to guide employment and recruitment.

“We are innovators in the senior living sector at Validus and are always looking to build strategic partnerships with companies that hold our same values and recognize how technology will move our industry forward Improving retention in today’s labor market is critical to our success and partnering with Arena Analytics will help us make intelligent, data-driven decisions that will lead to tangible results. We know that using data to help us identify the best people for our jobs, as well as retention, will result in better care and service outcomes for the moms and dads we serve.”

   -Kate Wentworth, Vice President of Human Resources for Validus Senior Living.

Validus Senior Living is a global organization with a way forward to adopt the right tools, technologies, and solutions to build a sustainable, productive workforce to serve its residents and communities, said Myra Norton, CEO of Arena Analytics. We believe that the Arena Analytics-based approach to identifying high-quality candidates who are likely to be retained will support Validus ’commitment to team members, residents, families, and the communities they serve.

Validus Senior Living adopts the following features of the Arena Analytics platform:

  • Arena Analytics Talent Discovery uses optimized supply and marketing strategies to deliver the highest quality results.
  • Arena Analytics Retention Prediction is powered by a proprietary predictive analytics model that collects and analyzes data from multiple sources to help organizations identify candidates who are likely to retain the right jobs before they are hired.
  • Arena Analytics Bias Mitigation, using advanced anti-justice techniques to analyze and eliminate potential biases from each prediction, promotes diversity and inclusion.

About Arena Analytics-
Arena Analytics helps organizations build a productive and equitable workforce while empowering people to discover and seek opportunities where they can thrive. Our technology platform enables our clients to solve a range of employee issues using AI and predictive analytics to focus on matched candidates and results-based work rather than assumptions and traditional party surveys.

About Validus Senior Living-
Validus Senior Living is based in Tampa, Florida, and is the owner, operator, and third-party manager of 16 communities including Independent Living, Auxiliary Living, and Memory Care services located throughout the Southeastern United States with several other projects under development. Guided by their moral compass in everything they do, Validus Senior Living is honored to create an environment where moms and dads can thrive, families can relax and employees can build the careers they love. They feel it is their moral responsibility to do everything they can to remove barriers and provide thoughtful solutions that have long-lasting, meaningful effects on people’s lives.

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