Nonprofits Payroll and HR Buyer’s Guide

Nonprofits Payroll and HR Buyer’s Guide

Choose the right solutions provider for your nonprofit's needs.

Nonprofit organizations are expected to work with tight budgets and maintain 501(c)(3) tax exemption status, all while managing risk and liability. End-of-year should be about celebrating the collective contributions amid a challenging year, not the stresses of annual filling. 

That’s why partnering with a payroll and HR provider that specializes in nonprofits like yours is crucial. Choosing the right solution while managing with limited resources and bandwidth is challenging, but we can help you figure it out.

Our Nonprofits Buyer’s Guide can provide more clarity for your research by highlighting critical factors addressed by best-in-class payroll and HR solutions specifically designed for nonprofits to help you find the best fit for your organization.

Download our free Nonprofit Buyer’s Guide to ensure you’ve addressed these factors:

  • Accurate tracking and allocation of employee hours worked to grants and funds
  • Instant access to metrics like overtime and turnover to manage overhead more efficiently
  • Nonprofit payroll taxes and withholdings, including FUTA exemption and FICA
  • Total compensation reporting to show employees their total aggregate compensation, including benefits
  • Help with year-end payroll processing and filings
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