5 Human Resources (HR) Goals for 2021

Most of us are familiar with SMART goals. They are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and current. Those are good goal elements, but you’re in HR. There’s one key element remaining from typical SMART goals that will help you get the most out of them: data-driven.

If you’re going to shake things up at work, explain why. In addition, you also need to show the results. Therefore, each of these targets is associated with physical and cold data.

Goal #1: Revised Core Values

Core values   are more than wall art unless your people are truly influenced by them. Strong core values   are the foundation of your culture. It’s no secret that referrals are one of the best, but the best way to recruit the best talent. If you have a strong corporate culture based on solid core values, you can help.

Goal #2: Automate something

Automation and artificial intelligence are two words for the same idea. Both exist to free people from physical labor. By automating processes, you have time to work on what makes sense and not just what’s good.

One HR process that can support some automation is hiring. A good software tool can streamline the process by automating candidate communication and simplifying assessment.

Add some automation to the mix. You save hours of organization and coordination that would otherwise be spent evaluating candidates.

Goal #3: Lower turnover rate

Turnover is not only expensive, but it also increases the number of mistakes your team makes and decreases your productivity.

Let’s put this into perspective. According to a CAP study, an employee’s average replacement cost can range from 16% of their annual salary to over 200% of their annual salary.

These numbers vary by rank and seniority. However, 16% of the base salary is a high price for the employee’s bad experience.

Focusing on improving employee experiences saves time and money and improves the experience for everyone in your organization.

Goal #4: Leave a path for the interview

Apple has a complete system for hiring the most talented and smart people on the market. Apple isn’t a tech giant just because Jobs was brilliant. He’s a tech giant because he systematically makes sure everyone at Apple is brilliant.

If you have a growing company that recruits quickly, do lots of interviews. With so many repetitions, it’s easy to fall into a hole and do the same maintenance as usual.

Try some experiences in your interviews. Consistently conduct interviews with candidates applying for the same position, but mix them with available positions. Try different questions, assign different projects to evaluate, or ask more or fewer interviewers.

Goal #5: Improve your feedback structure

Giving feedback the wrong way clearly has negative consequences. Avoid these consequences by moving on to your employees’ next performance review to motivate yourself.

If they can make your office more powerful, you’ve done it. If they get another job two months later, you’ve clearly failed.

It pays to give motivational feedback.

Wrapping up

You may already be integrating many of these things into your business. That’s great, but there’s always an aspect of your game that can be improved.

These may not be the goals you want to pursue first, but by setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely, and data-driven goals, you will see benefits that could never be achieved with mere intent.

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