How employee advocacy can improve content marketing performance

Content is a powerful way for marketers to convey their unique voice. And what better way to show your passion for content than putting your creations in the hands of your employees?

Organizations embrace the advocacy of content marketing employees and 86 percent of employees who participate in such programs describe the impact on their careers as positive.

Creating and sharing content for employees has a multifaceted purpose; increases employee engagement and supports your marketing and HR objectives.

This article explores how employee advocacy programs can improve your content marketing performance and your organization’s overall success.

More reach and engagement on social media

Brands must strive to be personal and engaged on social media; however, if the content is shared by a human, it seems even more recognizable than if it is shared by an anonymous company.

Even modern users see ads continuously; As a result, they have become adept at identifying and ignoring branded content. By comparison, content coming out of an employee advocacy program can be a breath of fresh air and provide a more authentic connection worth interacting with.

Most users trust user-generated content because it’s more organic and personalized than traditional ads. It can also be applied to employee content creation and sharing.

Here are four ways to increase social media reach and engagement, both through your employees’ personal pages and your primary business account:

Brand awareness and corporate image

Brands use stories to determine how users see them. A good story is an influential tool for communicating brand values. If it’s memorable, it can also increase brand awareness.

Employees are in a unique position to create this type of content:

  • Give your audience a real view of your business.
  • Content shows how your organization makes a difference and inspires your audience to do the same.
  • Those who care about the work they do communicate their enthusiasm through the content they share, supporting a positive brand image and instilling loyalty.

This aspect of your employee advocacy program requires some management. Identify the most relevant platforms where employees can increase brand awareness and develop best practices for discussing your brand and interacting with users to ensure the overall impression remains positive and consistent.

Thought leadership and experience

Your employees are experts. They know better than anyone about your products and services. An employee advocacy program is a perfect way to showcase experience.

Increase in website traffic

Employee content can drive traffic to your website. Users are more likely to click your links if multiple voices discuss your brand. They are also more likely to trust these connections if they see employees who support the brand image.

As a result, your audience will trust your brand as a source of valuable content. You will see an increase in site visits and subscriptions to your various campaigns.

Plus, you’re no longer limited by the placement of your marketing team. There will always be new content about your brand, giving users more options to click on your content.

For this aspect of your employee advocacy program, analysis can be invaluable. Track the channels that generate the most traffic and identify the best results for your program.

Your employees also benefit from clear guidelines for sharing links and using a call to action phrases to generate clicks.

Generating Qualitative Leads

In addition to increasing the number of leads, an employee-focused program can improve lead quality. In fact, there is a link between advocating and increasing lead quality, a San Diego State University study concluded.

Employee-created content can motivate potential customers to take action. Your employees’ passion and enthusiasm for your services and products can lead to an impulse purchase or influence someone reluctant to ask for more information.

What are the benefits for employees?

An employee advocacy program can do more than support your marketing objectives. Develop a program in collaboration with your HR team to reap even more benefits.

According to Gallup, only 36% of employees work. An employee advocacy program can increase engagement and help with hiring and retention:

  • By allowing employees to create content, you allow them to develop a story that suits their daily activities. Promote ownership of your company’s values. It also helps employees find meaning in what they do.
  • Content from enthusiastic employees can have a positive influence on the appointment. The best talent in your industry will likely hear more from your organization if there is a lot of content posted by employees on social media. Employees who show exclusive benefits behind the scenes can attract new employees.
  • Employee content can help with retention. You get more inquiries through referrals, and 45% of employees hired through referrals stay for four years or more.

Final Thoughts on Employee Advocacy in Content Marketing

Encouraging employees to create and share content for your content marketing program is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience through authenticity and trust. Employees have compelling stories to share and unique ideas to showcase their experience. Above all, they have a real passion for talking about what they do.

Start by setting goals for your employee advocacy program and establishing guidelines for creating and sharing content.

Above all, don’t forget to define your schedule in an employee-centric way. Give employees enough freedom to share their interests and have fun with the program.

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