How is Human Resources Growing with Technology?

While technology has changed every aspect of our lives, it’s not surprising that it also has a huge impact on human resources. New technological developments have changed the way we interact with our employees, store company files, and measure employee performance.

When used correctly, technology can have a positive impact on any company’s HR practices. This is done by making the Human Resources area more systematic, organized, and efficient. However, it should be borne in mind that its misuse can have adverse effects on the entire corporate structure. This article sheds light on how human resources evolve with technology.

Filling the communication gap

This is probably the most obvious advantage technology devices have on a company’s human resources. Technology facilitates communication through the different means of communication introduced. You can easily communicate via email, SMS, and other messaging apps in seconds.

Many companies use a fixed communication medium and multiple online forums to exchange files and messages. Skype, Slack, and Basecamp, etc. are just some of the programs companies use to communicate. These messaging apps made it easier for the HR team to stay in touch with the rest of the team. For example, if the project manager wants to change the meeting time, all he has to do is send an email to his team and send it to HR. The other arrangements are dealt with from there.

However, as with any technological invention, there are some pros and cons. In some cases, the technology may take longer. Information shared with two pages via email can easily be communicated verbally. Form of verbal communication is still considered one of the best forms of real communication. This is mainly because facial expressions are easy to interpret and offer more opportunities to ask questions.

Easy to Analyze Employee Data

It’s probably clear to you that technology is the undisputed future of human resources. Another way technology can help our human resources is through efficient analysis of employee data. What used to be a rigorous process is now reduced to just a few clicks.

Companies have certain criteria that must be met to decide if their employees are achieving their goals. Various applications to monitor employee performance have made this procedure easier and more efficient. Not to mention that it also takes less time.

You can easily collect data and use it to analyze your employees’ performance. Software programs and applications make analyzing employee performance data easier and less complicated. However, it should not be ignored that there are still some issues that require human judgment. Recent developments are simply a tool that will enhance and complement the functionality and efficiency of human resources.

Easier to recruit

Anyone working in the human resources field should understand how exhausting and time-consuming the hiring process is. Not to mention that it’s also expensive. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) has made this process less elaborate.

Companies have automated trackers that locate skills on a candidate’s resume. This made hiring decisions very easy in the early stages of recruitment. HR professionals no longer need to read and sort tens of thousands of emails. They can simply use filters to separate it in seconds.

This is just the last step in the HR process that requires human decision-making skills. It is expected that companies and companies that have the tools to assist in their hiring process will be more successful in the future.

Increasing Efficiency

The disadvantages of extensive use of technology can be discussed, but it cannot be denied that technology is the best way to increase efficiency. The latest tools and software help to create harmony in an enterprise. Data are recorded more systematically and are readily available if needed. In addition, HR time, which was once too busy with administrative tasks, can now focus on things that require more attention.

Human resources no longer have to struggle to manage stacks of documents; posts can be easily edited using online tools. With the availability of online tools, even PDF editing is no longer an issue. This allowed human resources to be more organized and precise. It also has a positive effect on employee morale.

Safety problems

The technology has spawned several security issues in the human resources department. The availability of data online exposes many companies to security risks. So if you plan to use all the technology in your HR department, you need to follow some security procedures.

Passwords must protect all company files to protect them from malicious users. System certificates for corporate devices must be changed regularly. Firewalls and anti-malware must be implemented and updated regularly. HR staff should receive basic training on online security risks and how to easily avoid compromising sensitive business information.


Technology has undoubtedly brought about the positive change we need in our human resources department. However, it should still be noted that technological advances are far from people’s level of decision-making ability. We can only argue that AI will destroy what only humans have. The truth is a little different. There are still some roles that only humans can play. This leaves us wondering if we still need technology for our business; the answer is yes. To establish itself in the market, it is important to follow some technological trends. By following technological practices, you can guarantee your place in the market and make your employees more aware of what is happening in the world. How much you want to depend on these practices is entirely up to you and your company.

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