The Coming Epic Fail of Team Meetings Post-COVID (half in room, half on Zoom)

There are a million things to think about in a post-Covid world. Here’s one you might not be thinking about, but you can go on forever, especially if your team is in a hybrid existence: The new normal will feature people trying to hold team meetings with half the team in charge.

And it’s going to suck.

Think about it. Before we adopted cameras as the norm during COVID, you generally didn’t try to do a team meeting with half or more people and the other half in Zoom.

Why not? Because people who are not alive can have the same experience and the same rights as those who live in the room. If you’re not in the room, you’re a second-class citizen, and that’s how it should be. Please listen, and we’ll play you on your stage when you’re ready.

The Zoom / Teams race during COVID changed those expectations. Since most, if not all, were remote, we turned on the cameras and everyone was treated the same.

When we get back to the offices, many of us will try to keep the remote team on video, and it will be terrible.

If half or more of your team is live and in the office for a meeting, you won’t be able to match Zoom people. They cannot see the room, read body language, and know when to speak informally and participate organically. But man, they’re gonna try. Living people cannot do the same with Zoomer,

The answer is simple and the new rules must be clear:

If half or more than half of your team is still alive, you’ll need outsiders to call (no video) and get into the meeting right away as if it’s 2019. They appreciate that.

If the number of people alive is less than half (especially if only 25-33% live and are in the room), you will have the entire meeting in Zoom or Teams. 3 out of 10 people in the office exclude their personal offices through teams. You will have a better date.

Some of you will try to match live / zoom with half or more of the people in the conference room on one camera. This is going to be an epic failure.

Do you understand how terrible this is? This is another question.

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