Where does ego sit in the workplace?

Where does ego sit in the workplace?

Traditionally, the objective of a company is to obtain financial results. The sales team will compete for the best sales, taking “Seller of the Month” and “Seller of the Year” awards on luxury vacations. In this situation, the ego was your friend. However, in recent decades, there have been limitations to this approach to doing business, affecting both employees and the company, so companies have encouraged employees to leave their egos at the door.

This is certainly evident in a conscientious company, where employees are understood to work together and support each other; teamwork is the key. In a conscious business, the corporate structure and business practices support this. Every employee must participate in the work to fulfill the mission. Transparency is important so that everyone in the company can regularly review the mission, values ​​, and plans. This ensures that all employees work following them. Some companies even encourage each member of the team to contribute to business practices whenever possible, so that they feel part of the company and integrate the working methods.

When you work with the ego, you want to be the best player. In a conscientious society, everyone is a star. Every idea is important. A good idea can be built to create truly innovative solutions, while bad ideas emphasize what a solution shouldn’t contain…which can be invaluable. Mistakes are welcome, you can learn from them. By recognizing and analyzing it, a good general idea can become a good idea. It is this ethos that drives employees to support each other.

The values ​​of a conscientious company also encourage the team to put their own and others’ well-being first. This is an important change as work practices often lead to stressed employees and possible burnout. In a conscientious activity, you will find values ​​like caring and empathy. This becomes apparent when the team collaborates on projects that affect the way they communicate. For example, the concern is expressed in the words chosen when talking to a colleague or in the tone used, which helps to guide the other person rather than empty them. The values ​​that promote good health are also reflected in the company’s benefits. Perhaps the company allows flexible working or offers excellent maternity/paternity opportunities. Perhaps the company offers a gym membership or are fruits available at the office? There are countless ways to promote the health and well-being of your team, valuing each employee.

Where the ego once drove sales as people struggled to be the first employee, this is now customer service. This applies not only to the support available to customers but also to the amount of attention paid to the products to ensure the customer receives exactly what they need. Providing value to a customer is critical and the more value the better. A conscious company will go so far as to transfer a customer to another company, which would otherwise be considered a competitor if it sees that another company can better serve the customer’s needs. Build strong relationships with prospects and other businesses. It can also lead to collaboration between companies as they join forces to bring new products to market.

With new ways to measure collaboration and well-being, there’s simply no room for ego in a successful business. Instead of a toxic and harmful environment in a company where everyone is alone, there is now a culture that improves the well-being and happiness of every employee. Build dedicated employees, a strong company, and loyal customers.

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