10 Metrics That Prove the Value of HR

HR is sitting on a goldmine of data. Learn how to use it!

From solving pipeline recruitment issues to forecasting labor costs, overtime, and earnings, the answers to your most pressing business problems can be found in the HR, payroll, ATS, and hourly systems of your company. But there is a pause: HR employees are constantly involved in an uphill battle. I’m not a data scientist and often don’t have the support, resources, and budget to understand the data, let alone its financial impact.

It’s never been harder to find qualified talent.

The biggest challenge for the CFO in 2021 will be finding and hiring talent, according to a study by Robert Half International Inc.

Human resources need these statistics

  • Time to Completion: A metric that tracks the number of days it takes to complete a task, from task request to task.
  • Referral Rate: Employee referrals happen when current employees refer candidates to a company.
  • Cost per hire: a measure of the total cost of recruiting to find and hire candidates.

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