Case Studies of HR & IT Partnering to Transform the Employee Service Experience

Case Studies of HR & IT Partnering to Transform the Employee Service Experience

Employee experience is now critical to business. Whether it’s processes, technology, infrastructure, or innovation, lines of business from IT to HR and beyond address issues, putting the experience of employees and customers first. The same goes for drivers. CIOs and CHROs are embracing a transformative mindset where HR and IT must work together to deliver experiences that enhance employees’ digital, human and physical journeys.

Designing for a successful workplace strategy requires a culture shift between HR, IT, and facilities. The idea is to define new skills and talents and structure teams in a way that stimulates ideas and facilitates the workflow between groups. More Fun, Talent, and Accountability in Shared Services To foster better working relationships and align experience goals, organizations are redesigning existing decentralized service delivery models as part of a global HR, IT, payroll, and experience function other personal services. The scope of shared human resource services or “human empowerment” also extends far beyond routine transactional activities.

Workplace transformation involves equal parts technology, talent, and change. And to successfully implement new technologies, companies need to form and train a team to handle this technology. Therefore, new roles with deeper skills were added to IT, such as data scientists and experienced managers, with a focus not only on the user interface but also on how technology makes people feel. As connectivity is an essential part of the workplace experience, organizations are creating new global HR technology teams focused on building the use and mobility of HR software, applications, and systems that communicate regularly with their IT peers.

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