Digital HR Case Studies with Business Impact: CASE STUDY COLLECTION

Digital HR is an important topic in HR. As an emerging field, it is important to show the value it can bring to organizations. In this collection of case studies, we’ve brought together some of the best digital HR case studies we’ve experienced over the years. Each is associated with a specific business need.

Digital HR is the digital transformation of HR services and processes through the use of social, mobile, analytic, and cloud (SMAC) technology. Digital HR represents a sea change in both approach and execution, yet it occurs continuously as organizations progress. Its goal is to improve the employee experience and organizational success by shifting the role of the human resource from a paper-based, responsive and time-consuming role to a digital, mobile, and streamlined role. The goal is to improve employee engagement and retention and measurably increase an organization’s success by constantly moving smartly.

Most organizations are just starting to think about digital human resources and work out a strategy, yet leading companies are embracing this new way of running human resources functions, processes, and services. As with the digital transformation of companies in general, digital HR is seen by industry analysts as an important part of the digital transformation of companies in general.

The digital division of HR

Digital human resources are part of the broader picture of the digital revolution. Improvements in digital and mobile technologies and the success of early adopters, including cloud startups that disrupt legacy business models, have pressured more traditional companies to at least deploy legacy software on cloud systems to support modern business processes and a better customer experience. Enterprise software vendors have worked hard to support and even enforce these changes with more and more cloud offerings, not just in ERP in general, but especially in human capital management (HCM) and cloud-based software.

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