Hiring & HR Hacks for Growing Businesses

Unless you have robots fully prepared to perform all your manual tasks, critical thinking, business development, and relationship building still depend on the passion, motivation, experience, and performance of your employees or partners. A whopping 64.5% of small business owners or startups admit they have trouble hiring “the quality staff they need” to start their new or growing businesses, and 26% of small business owners say they are “getting skilled jobs” of the main business problem

But you can avoid common pitfalls and rent from the start if you’re careful.

A good hire depends on good communication at work and in your network, investing in solutions that make the hiring process easier and faster, and ensuring success in the first few weeks of your new hire. Create great job descriptions and network, network, network! You already know the job descriptions you need. How about finding the right talent? Use these guidelines to help you find the right people and make them happy.

Of course, that wasn’t the main reason for starting a business. Few people dream of writing business plans, evaluating cash flow, and choosing the right bank account for the business. They dream of seeing their product in the hands of millions of people, to see how their service impacts the culture.

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