How To Leverage The 70 20 10 Model For High Performing Employees

How To Leverage The 70 20 10 Model For High Performing Employees

Before using the 70 20 10 models in your learning and development strategy, you need to understand them. We’ll explain what this model is, what kind of learning it offers, and how it can be applied to build a high-performing workforce.

What is the 70 20 10 model?

70 20 10 is a theory of learning and development that encompasses all the different ways people learn. Learning from experience, interacting with others, or through training is at the heart of this approach.

Organizations use this model to shift their focus from training to results so they can offer their workforce a more holistic approach to learning. By maximizing the impact of learning through experience, socialization, and formal training methods, companies can create and support a high-performing workforce.

Since the 1980s, one of the main reasons organizations have adopted the 70 20 10 models has been to implement a strategy that maximizes employee learning and development while improving employee performance. While traditional learning, provided through formal training programs, may be more effective in addressing skills gaps, performance issues, or restructuring needs, 70 20 10 focuses on workplace learning. The aim is to make employees great by offering a wide variety of learning opportunities through different methods.

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