9 Things Recruiters Do That They Shouldn't

9 Things Recruiters Do That They Shouldn’t

Recruiting can be a lot like going out: two parties looking for people to spend the day with, both excited about the opportunity to find the right person but nervous about the risks involved. And everything is amplified after someone you thought you were in a relationship with rejects you. After all, broken hearts can be hard to fix. As with love, so does business income. And nobody likes the turnover. For starters, it’s extremely expensive. And for recruiters and hiring managers, it’s a big waste of time.

And often attrition can be avoided through better recruiters processes. When organizations make sloppy appointments or fail to provide the training and resources necessary to keep an employee on board (often because they didn’t know the need was present at the time of appointment). They had no one but themselves to blame. . Bad appointments are often the result of looking on the wrong side of a candidate or not setting the right expectations during the nomination process.

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