Life Cycle of High-Potential Employees: Drive Leadership through a Culture of Continuous Learning

Over time, leadership development has evolved as much as the thinking of a modern leader. The effectiveness of a leadership strategy is heavily based on context and how it is executed. Unlike other times, it is not necessary to gather all students in one place to carry out knowledge transfer sessions. While the importance of personal training cannot be denied, technology at all levels has brought about a paradigm shift in learning scenarios. ILT, VLT, On-the-job, Social Media, etc. These are some of the many learning experiences that are not only enabled by technology but also focus on student engagement.

In response to these changing scenarios, leadership evolution continues to focus on the individual. When individuals experience a leadership change, they choose to train their own teams, mentors, to deliver collaborative results. Each has a specific role in this cycle that directly or indirectly affects the development of great potential. While teams help implement the ideas and decisions of individuals; leaders are not directly involved, they make it easy for you. The purpose of hiring a leader is to prepare high-potential employees to assume responsibility independently, help them grow and make the most of their strengths.

In human capital jargon, talent managers see many high-potential (HIPO) talent taking on the role of leader. This talent is not only a source of technical and business skills but also has several personal skills that facilitate communication, agility, collaboration, and the ability to deal with project issues.

Having such valuable people on your team motivates other team members to raise the bar for performance. Even so, many organizations fail to identify and develop talent with great potential to expand their business. A well-executed HIPO program allows organizations to better know their people and expose the potentially untapped workforce within the organization.

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