Multi-channel employee-centric communications

Multi-channel employee-centric communications

This is an increasingly troubling mystery in workplace communications: How do you involve employees in corporate messages when their lives are already overloaded with information? Fortunately, there is a way to overcome this.

The survey showed that employees want industry information that is relevant to them and helps them in their jobs. It also highlights the need for communicators to take a work-oriented and very focused approach to what they do, to understand what is relevant to different internal audiences and the mix of channels needed to reach and communicate with them.

The way to ensure employees get the information they need cannot be achieved through a single communication channel – it requires an integrated, multi-channel approach with in-depth employee knowledge to create and deliver relevant content.

The technology and information age we live in now is both a blessing and a burden. They offer a great opportunity to connect, engage, learn and share faster and easier. However, this era forces us to overwhelm, demand, constant change, and confusion like never before.

As communicators, we face the daunting task of balancing the art of team engagement and keeping our communication tools up to date, and keeping up with business and technology advances.

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