The future of jobs – what this means for recruitment

The future of jobs – what this means for recruitment

The REC’s Future Work Commission brought together a coalition of employers, think tanks, policymakers, and labor market experts to formulate a clear vision for the future UK labor market. Since launching the committee report1, we have used the results to engage recruiters, employers, and external experts on the following key question: What does the future of jobs mean for the UK recruitment industry?

This white paper is based on feedback and insights from recruiters and employers, as well as recent data and research. The aim is to provide practical advice and encourage further reflection on how the UK recruitment industry can maintain and improve its role in a rapidly changing world of work. Here are four traits already exhibited by many recruiting firms that can build the industry to thrive in a rapidly changing employment landscape:

• Looking to the future – cultivating a forward-looking attitude

• Caution – offer new services and form a new identity

• Look within: developing future skills and leadership to drive the industry • Looking for a difference – to become the future of job ambassadors

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