Why Does Your Enterprise Need Outplacement?

Why Does Your Enterprise Need Outplacement?

Whether your organization is resigning or planning a workforce restructuring, outplacement is a great way to protect your employees and your business.

Even as the economy picks up, restructuring and layoffs of workers will continue to be common and continue to shape our business landscape. Workforce changes can be configured from layoffs due to cost savings, fewer layoffs following a merger or acquisition, restructuring due to industry changes, or even acquisitions.

Changes like this are driven by the need to create value for the organization, but they often create new issues that affect the company’s brand and reputation. How do you ensure that your organization and your employees perform well after employees have changed?

By providing outplacement for your employees, you can not only reduce costs but also mitigate legal risks, protect your future talent acquisition, protect your brand and turn your former employees into business ambassadors. Outplacement is usually provided by a third-party outplacement company with dedicated resources and career transition experience. These services can last from a few weeks to a few months and are designed to support employees at various levels, from non-exempt to senior managers.

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