The Corestream Enrollment Advantage

The Corestream Enrollment Advantage

Voluntary/Lifestyle Benefits paired with Year-round Employee Education

Maybe you’re asking yourself these questions about your benefits strategy for this open enrollment period:

  • Will it be well-received by employees?
  • Is it diverse enough to meet all the needs of my workforce?
  • Am I on the path to offering a holistic program; one that will provide mental, physical, and financial wellness?
  • Am I set up to educate employees about this program all year long, or only during open enrollment?

If you’re grappling with these questions, you’re most certainly on the right track.  Corestream has been working with top HR teams for over 15 years. We know the importance of coupling modern voluntary/lifestyle benefits in order to supplement traditional benefits packages with a well-communicated, educated approach. 

Our program is solely focused on administering voluntary/lifestyle benefits through our free, easy-to-use platform accessed by over 2 million users and 150 well-known companies.  When you partner with Corestream, you offer a holistic benefits program complete with voluntary, lifestyle, perks and discounts and best of all – an entire dedicated marketing team that educates employees year-round for you!    

Schedule your free, limited-time ‘Benefits Strategy Consultation’ with one of our benefits experts.  We know your business because most of our experts were in your shoes in a past life and can provide a valuable consultation.

Corestream has deep relationships with Brokers that we’ve built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.  If you use a Broker, please feel free to invite them to the consultation.

The Corestream
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