Greenshades Software Announces Strategic Alliance with Lathem Time

Greenshades Software Announces Strategic Alliance with Lathem Time

Greenshades Software, a leader in Payroll, HR, and Compliance Solutions for midsize companies, and Lathem Time, a leading provider of personal time and login management systems, today announced the signing of a partner agreement. Through the agreement, companies will partner with each other’s platforms, creating a high-end solution for employees.

“At Greenshades, we’re always looking for new ways to simplify, streamline, and automate Payroll and HR functions for our clients and the workers they support, For organizations that need more granular control of pay rules and labor schedules or those that require a physical data capture device, Lathem offers an exceptional workforce management platform. We’re proud to extend this solution to our 3,800+ clients.”

– David Rosas, Co-Founder, and CEO of Greenshades Software.

Rosas said the step towards creating a partnership was based on a strong alignment between the values of the two organizations, common market access, and the prospect of sharing in addressing the immediate emerging needs of “non-tablet users”. Emotions are repeated by the leadership team at Lathem.

“The past couple of years have ushered in tremendous change for all businesses. The technology they use to keep employees safe focused and informed needs to evolve to keep pace, From touchless clocks for frontline workers to more robust online solutions for remote workers, Lathem has been at the forefront of innovation. We know David and the Greenshades team are doing the same for Payroll and HR professionals, so we’re thrilled for the opportunity this partnership creates for our clients.”

– Bill Lathem, President, and CEO of Lathem Time.

Greenshades and Lathem solutions will be showcased in the private sector company and fully integrated with the API for a seamless event between the two platforms.

About Greenshades Software
Since 2002, Greenshades has volunteered to help companies work hard to deliver on the promises they make to their employees. With intuitive technology and excellent in-class customer support, Greenshades offers payroll and human resources departments to provide their teams with everything they need to succeed. Adequate payroll, compliance, automatic tax accounting, and strong employee engagement through a single dynamic platform supported by world-class customer service.

About Lathem Time
Founded in 1919, Lathem is North America’s leading real-time retailer of business goods and services. More than a million companies relied on Lathem to monitor the pay periods of their employees. Lathem offers state-of-the-art technology that is easy to use, and reliable and has been developed using more than a hundred years of industrial technology. From cloud-based software to mobile and biometric facial recognition technology, each Lathem product is supported by an industry-leading U.S. service team with an average of 18 years of service experience. Most are over 30 years old. This commitment is reflected in every product called Lathem. At the heart of Lathem’s culture are family traditions, pride in art, and a deep focus.

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