Paycor Acquires Talenya to Extend Industry-leading Technology Platform with AI Recruiting

Paycor Acquires Talenya to Extend Industry-leading Technology Platform with AI Recruiting

Paycor HCM, Inc. (Nasdaq: PYCR), a top supplier of human capital management (HCM) software, today announced the acquisition of Talenya, an innovative, AI-driven recruitment platform that automatically identifies top people more quickly and for a lot less money. Paycor clients will be able to shorten the time it takes to fill important posts thanks to Talenya’s ground-breaking platform, which sources both active job seekers and passive applicants who aren’t actively looking for a new position. Additionally, by emphasizing diverse applicants frequently neglected by conventional recruitment systems, the award-winning AI recruiting platform will assist businesses in implementing their DE&I strategy.

“Given the importance of recruiting and retaining top talent in this highly competitive labor market, Paycor is dedicated to giving leaders the technology and expertise they need to develop winning teams, This AI-powered technology will enhance our industry-leading talent solution, making it even easier for frontline leaders to proactively find skilled and diverse talent quickly and cost-effectively. We are excited to welcome Talenya to the Paycor family.”

– Raul Villar, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Paycor

One of the biggest challenges our customers face today is finding, interviewing, and hiring qualified candidates quickly. Talenya’s virtual recruiter will help our clients’ front-line leaders attract, evaluate, and hire top talent more quickly so they can spend more time leading, coaching, and engaging their teams. According to Swati Garodia, chief strategy officer of Paycor, “AI recruitment is another strategic differentiator for our platform and another illustration of how Paycor continues to change contemporary, cloud HCM.”

We are happy to join forces with Paycor, a pioneer in human capital management, to assist leaders in more effectively locating and hiring the best personnel. We are proud of what the Talenya team has done over the last several years. Gal Almog, co-founder, and CEO of Talenya said Paycor, with its distinct focus on frontline executives, is the perfect partner to help us accelerate development and scalability.

About Paycor

Recruiting, onboarding, payroll, career development, and retention are all modernized by Paycor’s human capital management (HCM) platform, but our emphasis on leaders truly sets us apart. We’ve been collaborating with leaders for more than 30 years, so we understand what they need: a unified HR platform, simple connectivity with third-party applications, robust analytics, tools for talent development, and technology that is adaptable to accommodate particular industry demands. Because of this, more than 29,000 clients rely on Paycor to assist them in resolving issues and achieving their objectives.

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