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Wondering how best to reward employees? Survey says they want experiences over gifts

After two difficult years, many gifts employers are looking for ways to reward and thank employees.

Good gifts or cash bonuses seem to be commonplace, but a recent survey showed that employees are looking for something else.

Tinggly, a global gift-sharing company, conducted a survey that found that almost all employees chose awards in the form of events rather than things.

No more material gifts

Thousands of American workers were interviewed, and 90 percent said they would like a gift from their employers in the form of an event, such as a weekend break, a cooking class, or a sporting event or concert.

Why should employees want these things? One in three reported experiences gives their lives more satisfaction than a physical gift. 20 percent said they are interested in events that make their social media diet more enjoyable, and 18 percent said they already want to ruin their lives and get rid of other physical things.

Tinggly experts believe that the COVID-19 epidemic had a profound effect on the regulation of these mechanisms. “This epidemic has made us look at the world differently and now be out of our homes, out of our comfort zone, learning something new, and having a share in the things we value,” said Miglė, Senior Director Rakauskaitė.

Favorite experiences

Some interesting features include:

• 45% are willing to try anything but convenience

• 59% said they would go skydiving if they were given information, and 30% said they would not do it alone, and

• 66% said they would like to have an event to thank them for their excellent work.

What are the most popular events? The choices of the most popular respondents were another type of trip or event they could organize with a loving partner. 20 percent are interested in learning a new skill or attending class, and only 11 percent would like to experience hobbies such as rafting or racing.

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