HR Technology & Transformation

HR Technology & Transformation

The digital transformation of human resources is an important topic for many HR employees. And rightly so, because digital technology has the potential and capacity to transform human resources as we know them. But while talking about the digital transformation of human resources is one thing, it’s quite another!

Human Resources Digital Transformation is the process of changing HR operational processes to become automated and data-driven. “These are HR teams that face the dual challenge of transforming HR operations, on the one hand, and changing the workforce and the way work is done, on the other.”

Therefore, rather than the digital transformation of human resources terms of human resources, it is a metamorphosis that involves organizations as a whole. Or at least it should if it succeeds.

From the start. As a general rule, any transformation of human resources, whether digital or not, must be done with a clear objective in mind. Must have good business sense.

However, it seems that companies often give in to peer pressure; all of your competitors are “going digital” so they too feel they need to do something. But for that reason alone, digitizing these HR processes is never a good idea. This leads to the implementation of an (expensive) technology that does not meet the real needs of the business. Needless to say, this completely defies the purpose of a transformation.

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